About Bublar Group

At Bublar Group we provide XR solutions for E-commerce, Training Excellence, Entertainment and Manufacturing. Our 60 people highly skilled team makes us the leading XR company in the Nordic region, with a foothold in Manila. The Bublar Group family comprise of Vobling, specialising in training and industrial applications, Sayduck in e-commerce and Virtual Brains in mobile games and entertainment.

In essence, Bublar Group will change the game. We change how we WORK, SHOP, and PLAY.
Bublar Group AB (publ) is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market as from November 11, 2019.

Why bublar

The way we experience things in a digital world is moving from 2D to 3D. It will be natural to consume visual information in 3D, and to take an active part ourselves in a virtual world where we work, shop and play.

For consumers we enhance the experience and improve life. For companies we improve the business process – by making it faster, more efficient and bringing it closer to customers.

We have the skills to develop scalable products and services for global companies and global consumer clusters. We also have the skills to develop games on our unique platform in our gaming studio. Some of our clients are Electrolux, SJ, Tobii, Cargotec, Saab, Shopify and Pixels.com. Take a look at our client cases. Games currently under development are Otherworld Heroes and Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World.

In essence, we change how we WORK, SHOP, and PLAY.


Bublar Group was founded late 2015, focusing development on a platform for augmented reality, location-based mobile gaming.

In 2016 Bublar Group grew to become a small game studio focusing on development of the platform in parallel to designing and producing the first consumer product built on the platform.

The company released a first innovative app in 2017, focusing on social interaction, augmented reality and image sharing linked to GPS positioning. In November the same year, the company was listed at NGM Nordic MTF.

A license agreement with Japanese Sanrio, owner of the global brand Hello Kitty, was entered in 2018 regarding the development of a location-based AR mobile game. The same year, Bublar Group grew when the Swedish AR/VR company Vobling AB was acquired.

In 2019, former board member Maria Grimaldi was appointed to new CEO of the company with extensive experience from computer game and technology related industries. Another acquisition of the Finnish Augmented Reality company Sayduck, was finalized in July.

With a variety of XR solutions and offerings, Bublar Group has become the leading Nordic XR technology company.

As from the 11th of November 2019, the Bublar share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

This is bublar

The Bublar Group family comprise of Virtual Brains in entertainment, Vobling specialising in training and industrial applications and Sayduck in mobile e-commerce.

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