Extended Reality (XR) lies next to the heart of Bublar Group. XR technology covers the fields from augmented reality (AR) to virtual reality (VR).

XR is part of our foundation and is more than a digital transformation. It is changing the game. It is changing the way we work, shop and play. Understanding of how technology impacts our everyday lives is crucial as we help design the future. The technology that we build at Bublar always put the human in the center. Augmented and virtual reality are by themselves evolutions of a medium, the interface between humans and machines, and changes the way we perceive and interact with the real and virtual world around us. This primarily includes visuals, which dominates as human sensory input, but also applies to other human senses like auditory and haptic feedback.

We believe that the best technology is invisible and solves problems for us without us even noticing. The future of augmented reality, together with artificial intelligence, will make that a reality.

Bublar will use it’s position within XR technology to improve everyday life. At Bublar we live on planet XR. A place where reality meets virtuality and only imagination sets the limit for how far we can go. Our universe has no limitations, as long as what we do moves our world forward, and in the right direction.

In Bublar Group we develop technology for many platforms and play strings to create music on the entire XR spectrum. A common ground for all of the experiences that the group develops, independent of technology, medium or genre, is the way we enhance people and organisations to improve situations with technology, in ways that previously seemed impossible.

Today we live in a world where billions of smartphones are AR-enabled. This gives almost infinite reach and range for AR applications. Besides that, VR head mounted displays are rapidly evolving and becoming both mature consumer products, convenient to use and excellent for immersive experiences like virtual training. AR glasses and head mounted displays are following in the footsteps, still struggling with convenience, quality and that killer AR application. But when ready, the human race will get AR superpowers which changes everything.

At Bublar we aim not only to extend the concept of reality, but to enhance it in the ways that we find possible. In that way an enhanced reality is more appropriate to talk about when we are talking about our long term vision. Our goal is nothing less than to enhance everyday life.

A strategic partner

XR technology is changing the world in many ways and at Bublar we provide both technology and know how for strategically selected and targeted industries. We are a strategic partner for companies that need a hand to lead the way through the digital transformation. We make sure that companies that turn to us for help stand steady in the storms of disruption and come out as role models.

Bringing ideas to life

For visionaries and innovators that have ideas that they want to bring to life, whether it is an XR game or an industrial application our technology platforms listed below are the foundation for us to provide you with the best solutions to get started.

Strategic partnerships

Well aware that no company alone can be experts in all technology fields, we team up with the best, whether it involves hardware, software, storytelling, visual effects or design. Together we are stronger and our friends and customers of Bublar should always be confident that if a tricky problem can be solved, Bublar will do just that.

Definition of VR and AR

In Virtual Reality the perception of reality is completely based on virtual information. In Augmented Reality the user is provided with additional computer generated information that enhances the perception of reality.

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