Real World Games Platform

Within location-based augmented reality gaming, we use technology to make people move around while playing. We provide a natural interface to the experience that in a way challenges traditional sitting gameplay. With an understanding of why playing Real World Games have a natural place within entertainment, and why moving around while playing is both fun and engaging, we energize to build amazing game titles. At the heart of this vision lies the technology platform for Real World Games developed within Virtual Brains, our game studio. This platform is changing the way we play.

Virtual Training Platform

We are continuously building and improving our virtual training platform within Vobling, our enterprise targeted XR agency. Using virtual reality to gain improvements in training procedures for workers, with increased safety, sustainability, and cost reductions as well as better onboarding, our customers are now training thousands of workers every year, in different scenarios and programs. We are at the forefront within virtual training technology, and leverage know-how in eye tracking for analytics and validation of acquired knowledge. This platform is changing the way we work.

Sayduck Product 3D / AR Visualization Platform

At Sayduck, our Finnish subsidiary, we provide a cutting edge platform for product visualisation and configuration. This enables companies to visualise products in 3D and through mobile AR themselves and provide the tools digitally for anyone to display and launch an AR experience. We believe that the future of shopping, with 3D and AR soon is a standard in mobile e-commerce, has great demand for a platform like this. When the AR-shopping tide is rising, this platform which is built to be truly scalable, is ready to sail faster than ever. Changing the way we shop.

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